Spinal Trap:

Back 2 Good


            LEARN ABOUT SAFE, NATURAL,               LOW-COST*,



disabling severe chronic pain,

 anxiety, depression,

insomnia, spinal cord pain, muscle pain,

arthritis pain, bursitis, brachial neuritis

& neuropathic pain such as sciatica!


Like all who walk in these shoes,

I was alive without living

thanks to zero quality of life

from all of these chronic conditions** AND the

numerous side effects of prescription drugs commonly given for these diagnoses.


Thanks to God, His herbs, and

music meditation,

I got Back 2 Good naturally.


If you are alive without living thanks to

any or all of these conditions

& their mood and mind-altering Rx's,

I created Spinal Trap so that

YOU TOO CAN GET Back 2 Good!


Don't have a lot of money or

health insurance?


All the more reason to learn about the MANY COMMON LOW COST*

vitamins, herbs, and supplements!


*Please note, I don't sell any of the herbs, vitamins, or supplements that I recommend for these many life-ruining conditions; but I do provide links for the sites from which I buy.  Many have referral rewards so if it's your first time ordering from a site, please be sure to use my links so that you may enjoy a discount off of your first order!


Be Grateful, Be Well 

Grace Kelly, God Coach, CHLC, CPLC


**Scroll down this page to see a list of my numerous spinal/shoulder diagnoses from my MRI reports.

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Spinal Trap: Back 2 Good
12160 W Parmer Lane
Suite 130-118
Cedar Park, TX 78613
United States